New beauty essentials: Mineral makeup products

London: Mineral-richmakeup products are sworn for their natural and breathable feel.

They come in handy, when people navigate endlessly in the world of beauty for just the right product.

With the emerging times, mineral makeup has left behind its properties of chalkiness and cakey-texture. It has grown more subtle with the right amount of mineral enhancers.

From loose powders to liquid foundations to tinted moisturisers, mineral makeup products cater to pretty much every area of your face.

It is made up of minerals such as titanium oxide, zinc, and mica. These minerals are then milled into super-fine consistency and combined with pigments.

Natural ingredients set it apart from standard formulas and make it more skin-friendly.

Regular agents like waxes, oils, synthetic fragrances, preservatives, and bulking agents are missing from mineral makeup.

The idea of it being preservative-free and non-clogging adds to its charm of being suitable for sensitive skin as well.

According to The Independent, it is very well suited for all skin types – from oily to dry. For best application, puffy and dense round brushes are suitable. (ANI)