Never tried to promote tobacco and alcohol: Sachin

Master blaster Sachin Tendulkar, who has been an inspiring ad icon for nearly three decades, today said that he as brand ambassador has never tried to promote tobacco and alcohol.

“One thing my father told me… Try not to promote tobacco and alcohol. So those are the two things I stayed away from,” he said at the final day of a three-day summit organised by International Advertising Association (India chapter) here as part of its silver jubilee celebrations.

Sharing his experience as a sportsman, Tendulkar advised youngsters “don’t give up” till they achieve their goals.

“There were number of challenges, when I played cricket. Then I tried to find solutions with the help of the people I trusted. And that is what my advise would be.

“Yes, some times I feel that I have really really tried hard, and it just not happened and take a step back. Actually, take one more step further and success would be yours. I would encourage you to take that extra step…When you think that it is time to give up. Don’t give up,” he said.

The Rajya Sabha MP said there are no shortcuts in achieving goals in one’s life.

“Literally doesn’t matter what you are in life…But whatever field you choose to be…Then in that field, you cannot find short-cuts,” he said.

Participating in an interview session at the summit, Tendulkar said,”If your interested is playing cricket and scoring runs, you do that. But there are going to be challenges. Don’t shy away from challenges. Because in any profession you will find challenges.”

“Don’t think that in cricket if you find challenges, think of something else. You are going to find challenges there as well. Embrace those challenges and focus on solutions and not problems. And don’t take short-cuts,” he added.

The three-day summit –held under the theme of ‘What’s Coming Next’ –brought together the best minds in marketing and advertising, as well as icons who have been part of the growth of many brands.