Never faced casting couch, no idea of its existence in Bollywood: Nidhhi Agerwal

New Delhi: “Munna Michael” actress Nidhhi Agerwal says she has never faced the casting couch, and doesn’t know the truth behind its existence in the industry. The topic of casting couch in the industry has always been a source of debate, with many denying its existence and some condemning it.

“Casting couch is a demon of the world! It is just that in the industry just because people know them, it is just talked about much more but it should be completely eliminated as a concept,” Nidhhi told IANS in an email. “To be really honest, I don’t really know the truth whether it exists or no… Maybe it does, but I have never faced it. I do feel very bad for people if they have come across any such instances,” added the actress, who has launched her own mobile application “Nidhhi Agerwal Official” in collaboration with New-York based firm Escapex.

In the wake of #MeToo movement after Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein was exposed for sexual harassment, Telugu actress Sri Reddy took to the streets in protest against casting couch, sparking a war of words with Ram Charan Teja’s uncle and filmmaker-turned-politician Pawan Kalyan.

Nidhhi, who will be making her Telugu debut with “Savyasachi”, has only good things to say about her experience of working in the thriving industry.

“Honestly, even in Hollywood a lot of people have exposed a lot of people with that #MeToo campaign. There’s a lot of things everywhere in every industry. I don’t think this is just limited to films. It is just that these are the people who are talked about more so everyone knows about it. But it happens everywhere, whether it’s a corporate office or any kind of system. I think it is very sad.”

On a frank note, the actress said she has had “wonderful experience working in the Telugu industry”.

“They are so particular about their timings, they treat me so well. Their technicians are so talented that when you see the product, you feel it is completely worth it. And remembering lines in a completely different language… A lot of time is invested in doing that. So yes, I have had the best experience.

“I think it depends from crew to crew person to personÂ… and it is not a generic thing and I have never experienced any of this ever.”

On her decision to come out with her personal app, she said: “I think this app is going to be a lot of fun. I usually think a lot before posting a picture or a video. We are always over-critical about our own stuff. But I believe with this app I am not going to be overly critical and going to post whatever I want and whenever I want.

“Also, I love going live so I am going to go live a lot. This app gives me a chance to recognise by genuine fans… Actually not fans… It’s too early for me to have fans but my genuine people who like me and are always there for me.”

For starters, she will host a contest for her fans through which one fan will get to be a part of the shoot of a film in London.

“I am going to be shooting for a movie in London. It’s a Telugu film. I am shooting it with Akhil Akkineni who is (Naga) Chaitanya’s brother. I guess it’s going to be a lot of fun because this fan, whoever it will be, is going to be a lucky person because he/she can see how a shoot takes place and will meet me along with that we might also go out for a coffee or lunch or some shopping, depending on whatever that person wants to do.”

On the film front, she is currently working on “Savyasachi”.

“Then I work on a film with Akhil, then I definitely will do a Hindi film in second half of this year which I think the producers will be announcing,” she added.