Never dreamt of becoming Prime Minister: Modi

New Delhi: Narendra Modi says he never dreamt of becoming the Prime Minister because he had a very humble beginning.

In a candid interview with Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar, Modi said, “I never thought of coming this far because as a child I had not seen anything beyond the village. The journey started and the country took me along.”

The hour-long interaction between the prime minister and the ‘Khiladi’ star, broadcast on Wednesday, was on a non-political theme, delving into the life of Narendra Modi as the Prime Minister.

Talking about his family background, Modi said, “If you look at my family background, my mother would have distributed the jaggery in the neighbourhood if I had got a good job. In my personal views, being a prime minister seems very unnatural because my background does not go with current politics.”

“I am surprised that so many people are giving me love and respect,” he added.