Netflix to stream Indian film ‘Garbage’

Washington: Netflix has acquired the worldwide streaming rights for Indian drama film ‘Garbage’.

‘Garbage’, directed by Quashik Mukherjee, is the only Indian feature film which was selected to be showcased at the Berlin film festival this year. It was later premiered at various other festivals such as Seattle and Bucheon festival in Korea to name a few, reported The Hollywood Reporter.

The film’s story revolves around Phanishwar (Tanmay Dhanania), an online troller and a taxi driver in Goa who meets Rami (Trimala Adhikari) in order to escape his dangerous fascination for adult movies.

After he starts developing an unusual fondness for Rami, the story takes a turn when the latter takes Phanishwar hostage to find out dangerous secrets about him and the mystery woman, Nanaam (Satarupa Das) that he has enslaved inside his house.

In a recently released statement, the director said that it will be exciting to see how his audiences around the world would react to the movie’s theme of hate and repression.

Some of the Indian movies which were streamed in Netflix include ‘Parmanu: The Story of Pokhran’ (2018), ‘Pad Man’ (2018) and ‘Rang De Basanti’ (2006) to name a few.

Garbage is likely to stream on Netflix this year. (ANI)