Netflix faces defamation for ‘Making a Murderer’

New York: A retired detective has sued Netflix and the filmmakers of hit series and Emmy award winner “Making a Murderer” for defamation.

Andrew Colborn alleges the documentary series suggested he planted evidence to frame murder suspect, Steven Avery, the BBC reported.

His lawyer, Michael Griesbach, says his client has been subjected to “worldwide ridicule, contempt, and disdain” since the show’s 2015 debut.

The BBC has contacted Netflix for a comment. The case was filed in Manitowoc County in Wisconsin.

“He is filing this lawsuit to set the record straight and to restore his good name,” Griesbach said of Colborn.

The 10-part documentary, written and directed by Laura Ricciardi and Moira Demos, followed the case of Steven Avery and his 16-year-old nephew Brendan Dassey, who were both convicted of murdering freelance photographer Teresa Halbach.

Variety reports that Colborn’s case alleges the filmmakers left out key facts and distorted events in order to argue that Colborn and other officers framed the suspects and manipulated trial testimonies, leading viewers to false conclusions.

“Making a Murderer” was one of Netflix’s biggest hits in 2015, with the series collecting four Emmy awards in 2016 for its writing and directing.

It has gone on to spawn another series, “Making a Murderer 2”, which took up the story after Avery and Dassey were convicted.