Netanyahu seeks to improve EU’s ‘inimical’ attitude

Jerusalem: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Thursday that he was seeking to improve the EU’s inimical attitude towards his country at the 2018 Baltic VC Summit in Latvia.

Netanyahu said that being the first ever Israeli Prime Minister to attend the summit, which began in Latvia’s capital Riga, showed the increasing power of his country, Efe news reported.

“I want to adjust the unfriendly attitude of the EU towards Israel in order to achieve a fairer and a more genuine treatment,” Netanyahu said before leaving for the summit in a video published on his official Twitter account.

Netanyahu is expected to stay in Lithuania, where Israel has sustained a good relationship over the last years, for a three-day diplomatic trip to “strengthen economic and political ties” with Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia.

Tensions between Israel and the EU have arisen after the latter supported Iran’s nuclear pact following the US’ withdrawal, as well as not recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.