Netanyahu reaffirms call for US to move embassy to Jerusalem

Jerusalem: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reiterated that it is the Israeli government’s position that the United States embassy should be relocated from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

His remarks on Sunday, came a day after the co-chair of the Republicans Overseas organisation in Israel Marc Zell, told a local that the delay is happening at Israel’s request, Xinhua news agency reported.

“Our position has always been, and will always be, that the US embassy needs to be here, in Jerusalem,” Netanyahu said.

He also called on other countries to move their missions to Jerusalem. “I believe that over time most of them will indeed come here, to Jerusalem,” he said.

The idea of moving the US embassy to Jerusalem was discussed in the past but never carried out for fear it will spark fresh tensions in the region.

Statements released by Trump’s team during his election campaign repeatedly stated his determination to move the embassy.

However, after his inauguration White House spokesman Sean Spicer said several times that discussion about the issue is in its very early stages.