Netanyahu elected PM of Israel once again: Curse for Palestinians

Jerusalem: In the recently held elections of Israel, Mr. Netanyahu was elected Prime Minister for the 5th time.

It may be mentioned that as in the case of election of US President, the policy against the Muslims does not change, in the same manner, whosoever be the Prime Minister of Israel, the policy of hatred against the Muslims remains unchanged.

Although, in the parliament of 120 members, Netanyahu’s Likud Party got only 36 seats whereas the opposition party by name Blue and White secured 35 seats but with the help of other parties, Mr. Netanyahu formed the government.

It may be mentioned that in the parliamentary elections of Israel, individual candidates do not face elections, only political parties contest elections. The party gets seats in the parliament based on the votes it secures.

Surprisingly, Netanyahu’s party won the election only by marginal votes. There were indications that this time, Netanyahu will not assume power since he was facing corruption charges.

It is said that in Netanyahu’s success, the support of President Trump through his Jewish son-in-law played an important role.

It may be mentioned that President Trump accepted all the demands of Mr. Netanyahu which he had been denying for the past 15 years. Initially, Mr. Trump recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and another demand of imposing sanctions on Iran. Mr. Trump also accepted the sovereignty of Israel on Golan Heights and his proposal to include Israeli habitations on the usurped lands of Palestine into Israeli territory.

One of the major demands of Netanyahu was to declare Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards as a terrorist organization. Soon after it, Mr. Netanyahu thanked Mr. Trump on twitter.

All these events testify to the fact that US President played an important role in the success of Netanyahu.

The assumption of power by Mr. Netanyahu for the 5th time is a curse on the lives of the Palestinians. It is evident that Palestinians have now to face Israeli firings every day.