Netanyahu denies bribery allegations

Jerusalem: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has denied alleged corruption charges against him after the Israeli police confirmed that they have found enough evidence of fraud against him and his wife for the third time.

The Israeli Prime Minister has been accused by the authorities of allegedly favouring the country’s largest telecom giant ‘Bezeq’ in return for more positive coverage of him and his wife, on Bezeq’s subsidiary news website, Walla.

Al Jazeera quoted the Israeli Prime Minister as saying, “These recommendations were determined and leaked even before the investigations began.”

“I’m sure that in this case the relevant authorities, after examining the issue, will reach the same conclusion: that there was nothing because there is nothing,” Netanyahu added.

Police have already charged Netanyahu with alleged corruption in two other cases, one, whereby the Prime Minister accepted gifts from billionaire friends and the second, over trading positive media coverage for advantageous legislation for a newspaper.

As reported by Al Jazeera, earlier on Wednesday (November 21), there was a misuse of official funds worth USD 100,000 to render services at the Prime Minister’s residence in Jerusalem.

“The Jerusalem district prosecutor a short time ago filed charges against the prime minister’s wife,” the Justice Ministry said.

Sara Netanyahu had earlier faced allegations for her abusive behaviour in public.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Netanyahu himself is part of several police investigations for alleged corruption. However, he has denied any wrongdoing, and branded the accusations against him and his wife as a “media witch-hunt.