Netaji issue maybe raised during PM Modi’s visit to Moscow: MEA

New Delhi : The Ministry of External Affairs(MEA) on Tuesday said Prime Minister Narendra Modi will initiate a dialogue with Russian President Vladimir Putin to access KGB files on Subhas Chandra Bose during his two-day visit to Russia.

“The Netaji issue has figured in the visit recently, something which the foreign minister had mentioned to her counterpart. I won’t pre-judge the Russian response till we get it,” Foreign Secretary S. Jaishankar told a press conference here.

Replying to a question on Russia supporting India for joining UNSC as a permanent member Jaishankar said: “I think the Russian support for India joining the UNSC(United Nations Security Council) as a permanent member has been not in doubt for many years now. It’s been stated at very high level publicly and confidential as well. I think the issue is not as they are for India or not for India. There are countries where this issue can be asked legitimately but not with Russia.”

“The issue which we are discussing with the Russians is what is the optimal way of reaching that core. Obviously we have certain views on that and they have certain views on that, this is the subject which we discuss with each other as two countries have great confidence and trust in each other,” he added.

Prime Minister Modi leaves for Moscow on Wednesday at 1 p.m. on a two-day visit to attend the 16th India-Russia annual summit, with expectations riding high on major agreements in the defence and nuclear sector.

Prime Minister Modi will also raise the Netaji issue with the Russian President.

Netaji’s relatives had earlier requested the Prime Minister to access KGB files on Subhas Chandra Bose with Russia during his visit.(ANI)