Nestle lays ground for Maggi’s re-launch with maximum spending commercials

New Delhi, Oct 20 : Four months after it witnessed the worst credibility crisis, the world’s largest food company Nestle is now set to re-launch its most favorite instant noodle brand Maggi with an increased spending on television commercials.

Setting the ground for the re-launch, Maggi cleared all its mandated tests by the Bombay High Court that had lifted a nationwide ban on the noodles brand in August. Several states in the country had lifted the ban post the Bombay High Court’s ruling.

Nestle is expected to advertise aggressively to regain Maggi’s lost ground in retail shelves and consumers’ shopping carts.

Nestle’s advertising volume has been mostly decreasing month on month since May when the Maggi controversy erupted with allegations of excess lead content that led to food regulator Food Safety and Standards Authority of India ( FSSAI) banning Maggi in early June. (ANI)