NephroPlus launches ‘Dialysis on Call’ for kidney patients

Hyderabad: NephroPlus, one of India’s largest dialysis care networks, today launched its ‘Dialysis on Call’ service in the city in a bed to expand its portfolio of service offerings by taking the dialysis setup to a patient’s place and conducting the procedure at their convenience.

Nehroplus’s new initiative comes in the face of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, when there has been a great increase in home hemodialysis treatments. “Keeping this in mind, NephroPlus decided to launch this novel and first-of-kind approach towards making dialysis more accessible for people on dialysis. In Dialysis on Call, a specialized vehicle carries the dialysis machine, consumables, RO water tank, and an expert technician to the patient’s home,” the company saud.

According to NephroPlus, one advantage of this service over regular home Hemodialysis services (which NephroPlus already offers) is that the machine and other equipment do not need to be stationed in the patient’s home. “This appeals to patients who don’t like the idea of complex medical equipment in their homes,” the company added.

This service is available for all dialysis patients in Hyderabad including those who do not currently get dialysis at one of NephroPlus’s centres. This process can also help nursing homes and hospitals which do not have dialysis centers for admitted patients who require dialysis, a press release from the company stated.

Patients who wish to avail of this service at their doorstep can call the NephroPlus number (1800120001001) or visit its website. For further information visit:

Speaking about the initiative, Vikram Vuppala, founder and CEO of NephroPlus, said, “ Since these patients are immunocompromised and have significantly higher mortality due to COVID than healthy people, reducing the exposure of such people to external environments, specifically hospitals in these tough pandemic times is critical. We are glad to roll out this service in Hyderabad and Pune and plan to scale this up to 5 cities including Delhi, Chennai and Bangalore in the country over the next several weeks.”

NephroPlus operates 250 plus dialysis centers in over 160+ cities across 21 states and four countries. The company was established 11 years back.