Nepal’s Janakpur awaits Adityanath’s presence in ‘Bibaha Panchami’

Janakpur: Preparations have started in full swing in Mithilanchal in Nepal’s Janakpur region for the upcoming ‘Bibaha Panchami’ celebrations – observed traditionally to honour the marriage of Lord Ram and Sita – which will be attended by Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath.

“On the occasion of ‘Bibaha Panchami’, our neighbouring country, India’s, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath is 100 per cent sure to attend. For his gracious welcome, Province no. 2 already has started the preparations,” Federal Minister for Internal Affairs and Law from Province No. 2, Gyanendra Kumar Yadav told ANI.

Apart from Adityanath, priests and heads of the various temples will also attend the function.
The Federal Government of Province 2 has already started the preparations for their welcome and stay and allocated a bounty of five million Nepali Rupees for the function.

“‘Bibaha Panchami’ is one of the festivals which are celebrated in form of culture. This tradition of Lord Ram and Sita’s marriage has been followed for a long time. Every year thousands of pilgrims come here for the festival. We have been celebrating this festival for a week annually in which thousands of people including saints, priests and pilgrims come here as ‘Barati’,” Deputy Mahanta of the Janaki Temple Ram Roshan Das said.

“This year’s biggest achievement is the participation of the representatives from the Nepal government and the Indian government as ‘Barat’ during this spiritual and cultural festival, the ‘Bibaha Mahotsav’,” Das added.

Pilgrims and people from India and Mithilanchal from Nepal itself have started gathering in the premises and around Janakpur with less than two weeks left for the marriage ceremony.
The week-long marriage ceremony which has been followed from a long time will formally start from December 7.

The first day of the ceremony will witness the Janakpur Nagar Darshan, the second day is observed with the Fulbari Leela, the third day as Dhanus Yagya, the fourth day as Tilakotsav, the fifth day as Matkor and the sixth is for the engagement and marriage ceremonies.
‘Bibaha Panchami’ will conclude on December 13.