Nepal welcomes tourists entering from India checkpoint, Gaddachauki

Bhimduttanagar: The first six tourists from different countries entering Nepal from the Gaddachauki checkpoint received a warm welcome at the Gaddachauki transit point on Nepal-India border.

Swedish national Medaline Tegeletla, German citizens Maria Gaizeller, Eranast Est Genestewer and David Sibiyak, Australian Jack Cameron and Japanese Fuya Ejiyama were welcomed by the Nepal Tourism Board (NTB), Kanchanpur branch at Gaddachauki on the occasion of the World Tourism Day that falls on Thursday.

On the occasion, Chief of District Coordination Committee Fairu Tamang and Bhimduttanagar Municipality Mayor Surendra Bista among others feted the first six tourists with traditional Nepali cap Dhaka Topi , shawl and vermilion. The NTB’s Kanchanpur section, which is a major checkpoint for the tourists coming to Nepal has been run by an office assistant Thaneshwor Lekhak for the past five years.

Lekhak alone prepares pamphlets and other promotion materials and has been briefing the tourists about the various spots in the area. According to his observation, the number of tourists visiting Nepal through this checkpoint is increasing. “So far 183 foreign tourists have entered Nepal via this checkpoint as of now in 2018 while 200 have exited through this checkpoint,” Lekhak said.

According to NTB Kanchanpur Branch Chief Padam Raj Bhatta, American tourists have entered in highest number through this checkpoint followed by Germany, France and the United Kingdom. A total of 1,745 tourists had entered Nepal through this India-Nepal checkpoint in 2017.