Nepal Polls: UDMF, Govt. inch closer to deal

Kathmandu : Long time agitating force United Democratic Madhesi Front (UDMF) has hinted at participation in local polls after the ruling alliance on Friday addressed their demands of reviewing the new Constitution Amendment Bill.

With about three weeks left for holding the local-level elections scheduled for May 14, the Friday evening meeting agreement has ignited the hopes of an end to the political deadlock. A concrete agreement, however, is yet to be sealed.

“The new amendment proposal which is tabled in the parliament is to be revised and everyone will take part in the election. For further talks, we will again meet tomorrow and the points will be coined for the revision and will be finalized tomorrow,” Senior Leader of Nepali Congress Ramchandra Poudel told the media on Friday after the meeting.

The meeting formed a task force which is assigned to do homework for the revision of the newly tabled Constitution Amendment Bill.

“The amendment revision is to be on the issue of language and there is no need of revision over the federal ruling but on the article 274 there is talk about making changes as per the consensus from the agreement with the federal government. Likewise, there is talk about increasing the number of local levels and the amendment is to be made over other small issues,” Poudel added.

In the first round of meeting on Friday, the UDMF expressed their reservation over the new amendment bill and demanded for amendment in Article 7 and 274.

“From today’s meeting we came to the decision that we will start homework to revise the newly tabled amendment bill and come for discussion tomorrow which will concentrate to end the political deadlock and rift,” said Rajendra Shrestha, a member of the task force. (ANI)