Nepal political parties start preparations for local election

Kathmandu [Nepal]: With the delay in the announcement of the date for holding of local elections, the political parties of Nepal have started preparations.

Balkrishna Khand, Defense Minister of Nepal as well as Central Committee Member of Nepali Congress in a talk with ANI in Sindhupalchowk informed about the preparations for the local election.

“Regarding the local election the Government of Nepal and the Cabinet has filed the bills in the parliament to hold the elections. The government also has directed the election commission other related bodies and the security organs to prepare for the election as well as has started the preparations regarding it,” said Khand.

The Government of Nepal last week filed the bills needed to hold local elections but is yet to announce the date.

“Likewise, the discussion and interaction are being held with other political parties who will be taking part in the election and the government is on the path to make gain consensus over it. The political parties also are in inter-party talks for consensus and they also have started their internal talks to regulate the operation inside the party for the election,” Khand said.

The government’s preparations for the election notwithstanding, the disgruntled parties are pressing for a Constitution amendment.

Khand informed that the Nepali Congress has sent its central committee members and the leaders to all the 75 districts as Central Committee Representative and they are holding the Party’s District Committee Meeting, activating the various bodies and fraternities and fulfilling the vacant positions of parties in the local offices.

“Along with Internal preparations, Nepali Congress is also in talks with other political parties,” he said. (ANI)