Nepal PM promises Constitution amendment post elections

Kathmandu : Newly elected Nepal Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba has promised the amendment of the Constitution after the conclusion of the second phase of the local polls, as he appealed to the agitating parties to participate in the polls.

Addressing a parliamentary meeting on Friday, Deuba noted that it would be impossible to amend the Constitution before the second phase polls slated for June 28.

“There is no chance of ( Constitution amendment) before second phase election. So after immediate commencement of the second phase, this subject will also be addressed while negotiating with the opposition leaders. But I promise, that we will amend the Constitution and they (agitating forces) should participate in the election. I request them to take part in it,” said Deuba.

He acknowledged that the responsibility now falls on him to make the Constitution acceptable and honour the grievances of the people of Madhesh.

Deuba became new premier of Nepal through electoral process held on Tuesday with 388 votes out of 593 in the Parliament.(ANI)