Nepal PM claims of successfully managing decade-long Maoist conflict

Kathmandu: Nepal Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli on Tuesday claimed that his government has successfully managed the Maoist conflict”>conflict, that had groped the Himalayan country for over a decade.

Addressing the nation on the occasion of the 69th Democracy Day in the Tundikhel, PM Oli said, “As of now the conflict”>conflict management is almost done. In the context of the conflict”>conflict management, Nepal had adopted a substantive method, It took the ways forward with a commitment to resolve its’ own problem and this work have shown Nepal’s capability to solve its problem on its own. This also has increased Nepal’s prestige in the international arena.”

The Nepali government had signed a peace agreement with the de-facto group in 2006 after which it became a political party and ruled over the country with the formation of the government over different period of time.

During the decade-long insurgency, around 13,000 people had reportedly lost their lives, while about 1,300 people are still missing, along with complaints and reports of mass violation of human rights.

The Government of Nepal had also formed a commission to probe into the reports, however, very less progress has been made so far while drawing attention of the International community.

Recently, the diplomatic missions have called for a free, fair and timely addressal of the issues.