Nepal- Maoist Centre establishes 1,099-member central committee

Kathmandu : The Communist Party of Nepal- Maoist Centre, a united force of Maoist parties led by Pushpa Kamal Dahal, has formed a 1099-member central committee (CC).

A politburo meeting of the CPN-Maoist Centre yesterday decided to add 500 more members in the CC, fearing “rebellion” from lower-rung leaders, reports the Kathmandu Post.

On May 19, the party had announced a 599-strong central committee.

With 1,099 members in its central committee, the third largest party now has six times more central members than the CPN-UML (184 including office bearers) and 13 times more than the Nepali Congress (85), the largest party in Parliament.

The central committee of the CPC is currently composed of 205 full members and 17 1 alternate members.

The Maoist Centre has also decided to setup 255-member politburo and 85-strong standing committee.

However, the some leaders have mocked the decision as a scheme to provide “one central committee member to one household”.

Some Maoist leaders said that formation of a bloated CC has muddied their role.

Dahal was initially planning to lead the party with the nine-member “headquarters” formed shortly after the announcement, but he later went on to nominate members in the central committee after pressure from parties which merged with the CPN-Maoist) to give birth to the Maoist Centre.(ANI)