Nepal: Man rescued five days after he fell into well

Kathmandu [Nepal]: A 55-year-old man was rescued from a dry well in Sarlahi district of Southern Nepal on Monday, five days after he fell into it.
The man identified as Sanuman Jimba was rescued from the 30 feet deep well by Nepal Army’s Ranasher Battalion.
Jimba went missing from his village on April 25 and was spotted in the well by a teenager.
“The boy went around shouting ‘there is a ghost in the well’ and when other villagers went there they found Sanuman Jimba. Upon spotting him there, we informed the police and dropped water, juice and other liquid food items into the well,” Nagendra Shah, Ward Chief of Hariwan-5 told ANI over the phone.
“As he was in the well for five days without food and water he has become very weak. He was immediately taken to Namuna Hospital for treatment,” Shah added.
It is still uncertain how he fell into the well.