Nepal Govt. using ‘false charges’ against protestors: Madhesis

Kathmandu : The Madhesis in Nepal have claimed that the government has adopted a crackdown strategy against them in Terai region to suppress their agitation against the newly-adopted Constitution.

The crackdown against Madhesis by the Nepal Government will only push the movement towards further violence, an advocate at Nepal Supreme Court, Dipendra Jha, told Indian ambassador Ranjit Rae on behalf of the marginalised community in a letter.

Jha mentioned various incidents of Terai districts which made evident the claim that excessive force and filing of false charges against the protestors are unabated there.

Jha said that the government should be responsible to immediately expedite rehabilitation efforts.

On December 20, the police shot down a 16-year-old at Gaur, district headquarters of Rautahat, Jha told the Indian envoy.

Eyewitnesses said that the police took him into control and shot him when he was returning home from school where the protests were going on.

On the same day, United Democratic Madhesi Front (UDMF) Sarlahi district coordinator Ashok Yadav was apprehended by the police from a local FM radio station in Malangwa, where he was present for an interview. A case of public offence was filed against Yadav.

The advocate claimed seven protestors in Saptari district are charged with robbery and theft cases based on the complaints of police in the last week of December.

Jha said the failure to address the issues of Madhes with larger ownership and efforts of UDMF may usher the movement in the hands of extremists and radical forces that have been fertile during the longest protest in Nepal.

The advocate further said that the immediate resolution of Madhes uprising through the moderate force of UDMF will result in sustainable and long lasting peace in the border areas.

Jha thanked India for the country’s support to stand by social justice, human rights and democracy in Nepal. (ANI)