Nepal Floods: One month on, victims await restoration

Gaur: Around 15 kilometers away from district headquarter Gaur of Rautahat in Southern Plains of Nepal, tarpaulins and temporary shelters have showed the perilous condition of the flood victims. Now, they have only left with the bitter experience of the flood and perilous condition pinching and mocking them over.

“I have a son and the house has collapsed and we are facing a lot of difficulties. Where should I go? Where should I stay? Now I also have no lands to cultivate all the lands are swept by Bagamati and we still fear for the Baharwani River and I loosed all my things. What should I do now? Everyone needs place to stay, food to eat and I have no foundation,” Pathlu Das, who lost his belongings in flood after Durga Bhagwati Municipality, was salvaged by flood in mid of August.

The incessant rainfall, which resulted in flooding in the area around the banks of Bagmati River and the Baharwani River, on the other side also entered the village resulting the water logging up to seven feet.

The continuous rainfall in the mid of August took lives of over 100 people across the country.

The devastation due to flooding in the Durga Bhagwati Municipality is seen around with the swept away roads and submerged farmlands along with the caved in houses apart from the tarpaulin huts. The victims here complain of irregularities over the distribution of the aids and assistance after the calamity.

“At first some of the people came here from Kathmandu. We got vegetables and other food products in aid at that time. Those who managed to get the reference from the district office got the aid and compensations and they represent the less affected areas and the places where much effect has been left is left behind,” Santosh Das, another victim of the same Municipality, told ANI.

However, the concerned authorities have denied of any wrong doing rather highlighting the initiatives of the government.

“As per the direction from Government of Nepal, we conducted rescue and relief operations which helped in saving the life of many people. Likewise, we also provided relief to the people affected by the flooding from the Government side and from the various sources,” Chief District Officer of Rauthat Uddhav Bahadur Thapa said.

The floods of the last month have claimed 18 lives in the district whereas two are still missing.

Though, the lives of the people are painstaking they are hopeful with the upcoming election which will establish local levels in the district which is expected to solve the issue from which the Southern plains of Nepal has been facing for long. (ANI)