Nepal Army criticised after receiving Sonakshi, Malaika at TIA

The Nepal Army has been criticised by the media here for receiving Bollywood actresses Sonakshi Sinha and Malaika Arora Khan at the international airport as they said the move “demoralises” the army and “reduces its prestige”.

The actresses had come for a charity function, headed by the wife of army chief General Rajendra Chhettri for benefit of victims of last year’s devastating earthquake.

General Samir Shai was at the Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA) on Friday to receive Sinha while other senior army officials received Khan, local media reports said, adding that such acts will “demoralise” the army and “reduce its prestige.”

However, Nepal Army spokesperson said that the army does not see any thing wrong in the incident.

“The welcome by the army personal was a normal incident,” the spokesperson told PTI.

The Army General welcomed the actress outside of the airport, which is normal, he said.

The army personnel worked in close coordination of the Nepal Police personnel for providing necessary security for the two actresses, he added.

Regarding media report about seeking clarification from the army by the government in the matter, the Army said it has no information regarding the matter.