Neither English nor Punjabi or Hindi is as sweet as Urdu language

Hyderabad, December 31: Mr. Vijay Kumar Chopra chief editor Hind Samachar (Punjab Kesari) group addressing the seminar at World Urdu Editors conference said that the sweetness and rhythm the Urdu language has are neither found in English nor in Punjabi or Hindi. Though new generation lacks interest in reading books still the young boys and girls use Urdu verses. He said his elders still read Urdu newspapers first then read English newspapers.

Mr. Chopra said ‘our group first launched Urdu newspaper Hind Samachar and there was a time when we used to print 1 lakh copies but the number has now gradually reduced to 30000.

He commended Mr. Zahid Ali Khan’s efforts by saying that he has done a great job by organizing the conference.

Mr. M Afzal editor in chief Akhbar-e-Nau and former MP said that by holding the conference Zahid Ali Khan has thrown a stone in the silent lake of Urdu journalism and it has created ripples. He deplored that the Urdu journalism which was once a movement has been commercialized.

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