Negligence of bike rider results in collision of two lorries in Cyberabad

Hyderabad: The alleged negligence of a two wheeler rider triggered a fatal road accident at Himayat Sagar area in Cyberabad after two speeding lorries from opposite directions collided.

The accident was reported near the Himayat Sagar toll-gate in Rajendranagar and the horrific scene of the collision of two lorries was captured in the CCTV cameras.

The Cyberabad Traffic Police, have shared a video of the accident. The incident occurred when Tirupati, the driver of one of the trucks proceeding from Rajendranagar towards the Himayat Sagar Outer Ring Road, had to take a sudden sharp turn to avoid running over the two-wheeler rider who suddenly got on to the main road from a side road.

Though the truck, could save the bike rider, but the lorry went out of control and collided with another lorry that was coming in the opposite direction.

The Police have registered a case against the bike rider and efforts are on to identify him.