Negligence of authorities is killing centuries-old Shaikpet Mosque

Hyderabad: Centuries-old mosque at Shaikpet once housed worshippers in hundreds at any point of the day. The structure is currently in piles of ruin and is casually left to. Though the authorities blame the lack of funds, the government’s negligence is what led to its current state.

Apart from the obvious unsightliness, the structure now looks akin to a haunted house with— the garden area full of weeds and trees, spider webs, broken and damaged pillars, vandalized walls and the rusted gate covered with weeds and climbers.

“The incessant in October last further depleted the structure,” said Uma Rani, who lives the door next to the mosque. She said that no official inspected the structure even after the rains.

Known to have built during the reign of Ibrahim Quli Qutb Shah (1550-1580), the fourth ruler of the Golconda dynasty, this structure was built on the way to Bidar in Qutub Shahi style of architecture. While the entrance resembles that of Mecca Masjid, the four minars of the mosque look similar to that of iconic Charminar.

The construction style of this mosque indicates that it perhaps was a precursor to the Toli Mosque at Karwan. This suggests that is was built over 400 years ago.

Hyderabad has several vestiges that stand as glorious examples of architecture, culture and spirituality. The dire negligence of the responsible authorities is proving fatal for them.

 “The officials come once a year to look around and clean a few weeds. They turn deaf when they are questioned about its restoration,” said Mohammed Shami, a resident.

Gazette—Ordinary in the year 1952 protected the mosque. “The structure is in a fair state of preservation and deserves more attention.” A shabby board outside the structure also reads, “ This has been declared as an ancient monument and notified as a protected monument under Andhra Pradesh ancient and historical monuments and archaeological sites and remains under the ACT 1960 under section 30 (1).”

“About two years ago, we have sent a notice to the Wakf Board for funds for its restoration and further process. However, we did not receive any response,” said an official from Telangana Archeological Department, who did not want to be quoted.

Telangana Minority Welfare Department director, Mohammed Khasim said, “As of now, we have no plans of its restoration. We also did not get any restoration orders from the government yet.”

The government, thus, has no plans for the restoration of the historic mosque in the near future.