Negligence killed man and the little boy

Hyderabad: Negligence always makes you pay and at times others as well. In an attempt to overtake RTC bus, the rider crashed into the car that was coming from the opposite direction of the road, killing the rider and the little boy in the car, on Ranga Reddy District Road on Sunday.

In order to stop the collision, the rider hit sudden brakes which flew the bike and the biker in air, landing on the windshield of the car, hitting the little boy Harshad who was sitting on the front left passenger seat.

According to Police, Sairam, 27, an employee at a private firm, from Balmuru village in Ranga Reddy, was traveling to Achampeta with his friend Mogulaiah on his bike. At Muccharla Junction, Sairam tried to overtake an RTC bus without paying attention to the car coming from the opposite direction. On applying sudden brakes the biker and the bike both flew in the air landing on the car.

“The front wheel of the bike hit Harshad sitting on the front left seat in the car, killing him on the spot. Sairam who landed on the car top sustained severe head injury and multiple fractures and died on the spot,” S-I G. Srikanth said.

Police further got to know that Harshad was a resident of Hyderabad and he was going to Kadthal to attend a family function with his grandfather Jani Bhai, who was driving the car.

Passersby alerted the police on witnessing the accident. Mogulaiah, the friend Sairam and another passenger in the car sustained severe injuries.

Police filed accidental death case against Sairam. Mogulaiah’s condition is said to be critical, as reported in DC.