Need to shun ego and work with unity: Zaheeruddin Ali Khan

Addressing on the 4th day of 5-day meeting organised by Bamsena and Bharat Mukti Morcha, Mr. Zaheeruddin Ali Khan Managing Editor Siasat said ‘today everybody is impressed by social media, crores of people are using social media hence we should convey our message through social media.’ Mr. Zaheeruddin Ali Khan further said ‘we need to shun ego and work with unity, then only we can achieve our goal. Until we do not become one, the problems would not end.’ He claimed that BJP’s victory in 2014 is its last victory; next would be a secular government. ‘We should impart education to our children and let them occupy good posts; poverty and other problems will automatically be solved. A handful of elements are planning rule the country by creating disunity among BC, SC, ST and minorities. We need unity and higher education to foil their wicked plans.’ He asserted.

Speaking on the occasion Gadar said Bamsena is working for the development of all sections. Gadar enthralled the audience with his unique style of singing.

Waman Meshram, the President of the ‘Bharat Mukti Morcha’ said the ‘Brahmins want to cause disarray among other sections to dominate over them, while they themselves are getting higher education and distorting history.

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