Need to raise public voice against injustice and violation of Human Rights – Irshad Ahmed Desai

Hyderabad: The constitution of our country is based on the best system of democracy which provides equal rights to all the citizens. The study of world history tells us that the entire world identifies our country as the proponent of Ganga-Jamuna culture. 95% people out of 125 crore population want peace, tranquility, justice and development but there are a few persons who want to rule according to their whims and fancies. They have nothing to do with the constitution. They started the bare dance of communal riots in the name of religion. When we talk of Human Rights, it is not only for the Muslims but also dalits and other minorities. Everywhere human rights are being violated. People are exploited. Citizens of this independent country are being treated as slaves. There is a need to create awareness at national and universal levels against cruelty, violence, communalism and terrorism.

These thoughts were expressed by Mr. Irshad Ahmed Desai, State Convener of Association for Protection of Civil Right, Karnataka while addressing a special public meeting at Bagdal in Bidar organized by Students’ Islamic Organization.

Continuing his speech, Mr. Irshad Ahmed told that those who claim to take India towards peace and development are found to be shattering the constitution into pieces. They are creating an atmosphere of fear. Organized communal riots and sectarian struggles which occur from time to time are worrying the countrymen. He further told that there is a need to raise public voice against injustice and violation of Human Rights. Every citizen of this country including Dalits, Adivasis and Minorities should dream Bharat Nirman with better environment where love and affection, peace and tranquility and justice should prevail and our country should become free from terrorism.

Brother Shafi, State President of SIO, Karnataka Zone told that the campaign launched by SIO for “Terror Free India” has been continuing throughout the State. In order to propagate the ideals of this campaign lectures, corner meetings, posters, handbills, invitations, announcements, press releases, conferences and social media are being used.

Mr. Mohammed Faheemuddin, former Amer Jamat-e-Islami of Bidar told that constitution of India does not allow cruelty and injustice. Our country is known for tolerance and Mutual respect. Quoting the last sermon of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH), he told that the Master of everyone is Allah (SWT) who is the Lord of the Universe. All of us are from the same parents. There is no discrimination among us. Only those occupy highest positions whose character is good. If we want to lead the life of peace and tranquility, we should propagate unity and affection among the countrymen.

–Siasat News