Need more like ‘Oscar’, keeps his hands to himself: Jimmy Kimmel on Weinstein in Oscars

Los Angeles: Hosting for the second time, Jimmy Kimmel hit the stage to host 90th Academy Awards on late Sunday night. Kimmel spoke about women in a positive light of getting the equality of quality roles in Hollywood movies.

Criticising the bad behaviour, sexual harassment and pointing at people like Harvey Weinstein, Kimmel joked about the Oscar statuette. He said, “Oscar is the most beloved and respected man in Hollywood, and there’s a very good reason why, just look at him. Keeps his hands where you can see them. Never says a rude word and that’s the kind of man we need more of in this town.”

“He is truly a statue of limitations,” the comedian and writer said showing the Oscar statue. “I remember a time when the major studios didn’t believe a woman or a minority could open a superhero movie”- referencing Israeli actress Gal Gadot who played the title role in ‘Wonder Woman’, he added.

Kimmel also emphasized that Hollywood “stamp out bad behaviour”. “This is a night for positivity. Our plan is a night for positivity. Our plan is to shine a light on a group of outstanding and inspiring films, each and every one of which got crushed by Black Panther this weekend,” he said.

The writer and comedian had earlier confirmed there would be no jokes about the #MeToo at this year’s show.