Need independent body to promote mass acceptance of EVs: Report

New Delhi: Consultancy firm Mazars on Sunday called for setting up an independent body to boost mass acceptance of electric vehicles (EVs) in the country.

According to the firm’s report — Indian Automotive Industry Unlocking the Potential of Electric Mobility — “a dynamic framework to design, implement, run, monitor and evaluate each phase of production and adoption” is required to boost the mass acceptance of EVs in the country.

“Setting up an independent body to not design but oversee the implementation of policies, channel funds and create awareness programmes that reach out to users in both rural and urban areas,” the report said.

“This involves overseeing the consortium between the government and private players (solely for EV), as well as fostering partnerships with electricity grid and distribution players. Emphasis should also be placed on collating and analysing EV-related data to put it forward as the Digital India initiative.”

The report pointed at the need for direct and indirect incentive schemes for consumers and merchants to promote EVs.

“This may involve giving out preferential EV parking spaces and designing ‘Driving Credits’ similar to flying miles, where EV owners can redeem them with affiliated lifestyle and F&B players,” the report said.

“Apart from providing outright subsidy upon purchase, an extended vehicle life redundancy, in tandem with reduced GST and road and registration tax, should also follow suit – similar to the recent announcement made by the Maharashtra government.”

Besides, continued support “should be given to OEMs bringing out EV-products, including having easier access to capital”.

In addition, the report cited the need to “focus” on building adequate charging stations.