Need To Go Beyond Triple Talaq, Abolish Sharia Law, Says Taslima Nasreen

New Delhi: Bangladeshi author Taslima Nasreen today reacted to the Supreme Court verdict abolishing triple talaq, saying while it was “definitely not women’s freedom” there was need to go beyond by doing away with “1400 yrs old Quranic laws”.

“Abolishing triple talaq…is definitely not women’s freedom. Women need to be educated and (should become) independent,” Taslima Nasreen tweeted.

“Abolish 1400 yrs old Quranic laws. (We) need modern laws based on equality,” she said.

In a series of tweets, Ms Nasreen said: “Why only triple talaq? Whole Islamic law or Sharia law should be abolished. All religious laws should be abolished for the sake of humanity.”

“Religions including religious laws and rituals are anti-women. Period,” she said.

The writer, known for her atheist views, said: “Triple talaq is not in the Quran. Is it the reason for it to go? There are many injustices and inequalities in the Quran. Should they stay,” she asked.

Earlier in the day, before the verdict was announced, the writer tweeted: “India’s progressive people are waiting to see triple talaq being abolished.”

The Supreme Court held triple talaq being practised by the Muslim community as “unconstitutional”, “arbitrary” and “not part of Islam“.

A five-judge constitutional bench, by a 3:2 majority judgement, said there is no constitutional protection for triple talaq.