Need to discuss reservation in private sector with India Inc: Digvijaya

Hyderabad: Congress General Secretary Digvijaya Singh has said the issue of providing reservation in private sector should be discussed with corporates and business houses, which need to contribute for the economic uplift of the weaker sections.

“Reservation in private sector is not under the Indian Constitution as such but it should be discussed and we believe in affirmative action,” Singh said.

¬†“Affirmative action can be taken without giving reservation also,” the former Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister told PTI when asked about reservation in private sector.

“So, this is something which has to be discussed with corporates and private sector but I think some kind of hand-holding has to be done by business houses in this country to give a sort of sense of confidence and also contribute to economic uplift of the downtrodden and weaker sections,” he said.

He also favoured bringing political parties under RTI.

“When we believe in transparency, the transparency should be accepted by every one. We (political parties) should not have any objections to that,” he added.