Need to change political system in India: Varun Gandhi

Coimbatore: Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MP Varun Gandhi on Friday stressed on the need to change the political system of the country, saying people should have a greater say in a democracy.

Talking at a Youth Conclave on Nation Building organised by Sri Krishna Institutions here, Varun said that people should have a right to recall elected representatives and more representation for women.

“People vote on the basis of caste, religion and region as all a candidate seem same to them. But this is not a way to take the country forward,” he added.

He further urged the people to challenge the systems, adding that they need not depend on those who are bad and corrupt.

“We need to not depend on people, we need to depend on systems and institutions because anyone can go bad, anybody can be corrupt and anybody can favour the wrong people,” he said.

“Without the suffix of Gandhi, I would not have addressed you today,” he added.

The BJP MP also touched the topic of the country’s education system, saying that it is important to focus on making it better. (ANI)