NEC provides Buenos Aires metro with comprehensive security system

Tokyo: NEC Corporation and NEC Argentina recently announced the completion of a comprehensive security system for the 100+ stations, workshops, garages and commercial areas of the Buenos Aires City metro (subway).

NEC Argentina was selected in 2015 by the Subterraneos de Buenos Aires Sociedad Estado (SBASE) to provide, install and operate the USD1.5 million dollar system, which is based on an agreement that includes command and control centers, more than 600 IP devices, CCTV, integration with the pre-existing technology, access control systems and intrusion detection systems.

The system began operating in February 2016 and NEC will continue coordinate ongoing maintenance.

The primary features of the security solution include security cameras – more than 370 cameras, including fixed HD cameras and night-vision PTZ domes; comprehensive security centers – 30 operator workstations and video walls in monitoring centers located in strategic points of the metro line as well as in Buenos Aires City police departments; infrastructure – approximately 70 switches and 40 centralized and decentralized management and recording servers for new and existing devices; access control system – more than 10 control access points for authorized staff integrated to the core system; video analysis system – this allows the recognition of people and objects in the video streams from all of the system’s cameras and intrusion detection system – intrusion detection in the metro workshops and garages. This features approximately 30 control panels, 50 controllers and 300 sensors integrated to the core system.

“By strengthening the security of the metro we are improving the overall quality of service,” said SBASE president Juan Pablo Piccardo.

“With the help of these new technologies and cameras, we are able to detect and resolve a wide range of issues quickly and effectively,” added Piccardo.

“This project is a great source of pride for NEC Argentina, not only for its magnitude and complexity, but also because our technologies are helping to improve such an important public transport system as the metro, enabling safer and cleaner services for all passengers,” said Hector Yuasa, COO, NEC Argentina.

Moreover, additional technologies are being implemented through concept testing and demo installations.

NEC Argentina will continue rendering its support to enhance public safety through new and innovative technologies and associations to reach communities across the country. (ANI)