Nearly 5 lakh Indians left Saudi Arabia amid COVID-19 crises

The number of Indians in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has dropped by at least 4 to 5 lakh during the global COVID-19 crisis. According to the Indian ambassador in Saudi Arabia, Ausaf Sayeed, the number of Indian people pre-pandemic was 16 lakh and now it has reduced to 22 lakh.

In an interview with Saudi TV, Al Ekhabriya , Sayeed said that Indians still continue to be the largest foreign community in the Kingdom.

Saudi Arabia’s total population is 3, 48, 00,000 and about 1,05,00,000 are foreigners. He said there are nearly 40 Indian schools in Saudi Arabia and nearly 80,000 students are enrolled in schools.

The ambassador said Indians are settled across all the regions in the kingdom and are actively engaged in society. Some were born in Saudi Arabia and have never seen India, he added.