NDA govt would announce measures for poor after Dec 30: Rao

Hyderabad: The NDA government will announce measures for the benefit of the poor and common people after December 30 when the demonetisation drive reaches a decisive stage, BJP General Secretary P Muralidhar Rao said here today.

“Prime Minister will bring out clear policies before people after December 30. Prime Minister has given a signal how the policies are going to be. Narendra Modi has said there should not be any one without a house.

“We are moving in a targeted direction on housing. The recovered black money would be used first for construction of house for every family. The subsidies and grants would be enhanced”, he told reporters.

The government-run schools, health centres, pending irrigation projects and check dams would get higher funds, he said.

The loans for petty traders and entrepreneurs would be enhanced, he said.

The government has allowed citizens to deposit the demonetised currency notes till December 30.

Though people are facing inconvenience now on account of demonetisation, the “results” would benefit the poor, Rao said.

The NDA government has taken steps to get back black money stashed abroad, Rao said.

BJP would conduct a campaign, by involving by various sections of society, to promote cashless transactions, he added.