NDA ally JD(U) criticizes BJP for Triple Talaq ordinance

Patna: JD(U) also an ally of NDA party on Wednesday criticized Modi government for passing an ordinance on Triple Talaq making it a legislation now, saying the Government should not make hasty decisions in sensitive matters as such as Triple Talaq.

“JD(U) is of the firm opinion that any change in the law which affects religious sentiments of people and can have impact on millions of lives, must come through constructive dialogues among all the stakeholders. There should be debates on issues of triple talaq and uniform civil code (UCC) at different forums. It should not be imposed,” the party’s national secretary general KC Tyagi told TOI.

The decision of Union Cabinet was not welcomed wither by NDA allies or the opposition parties.

Reacting over the Union Cabinet’s decision, Tyagi said his party has always, time and again, argued over the issue of triple talaq that should be left to the Muslim organizations to take a proper decision.

“JD(U) president and Bihar CM Nitish Kumar had on January 12 last year wrote a letter to the Law Commission’s chairman in which he had asked the Centre not to act in haste on the issue of uniform civil code and let various religious community debate on it,” Tyagi said.

He said that when JD(U) party decided to become a part of BJP, the saffron party had then assured that it would not touch issues like Uniform Civil code.

He added that Nitish Kumar in his letter to the law commission chairman, also indicated that imposing uniform civil code without forming consensus among various religious groups will create a situation of social discord and citizens will lose faith in the constitution which gives them freedom of religion.

The Union Cabinet’s move comes after the NDA government had failed to pass the ‘Muslim Women Protection of Rights on Marriage Bill’ through both houses of Parliament like it previously did with Aadhar issue passing it in money Bill.