Mother of five, Nayla, becomes Gaza’s first woman taxi driver

Gaza: Nayla Abu Jubbah, mother of five children became Gaza’s first woman taxi driver.

Although, in Gaza Strip, both men and women have equal right when it comes to driving taxi, till now no woman adopted this profession.

Reaction of her friend

Talking to media person, the 39-year-old woman recalled the reaction of her friend who is a hairdresser. She said that her friend found her idea crazy when she revealed her idea to become taxi driver.

Daily morning she starts the car after a cup of tea at home.

Jubbah who bought her car with her inheritance when her father died always wanted to use the vehicle for earning.

Nayla wants to expand business

One of the passengers, 27-year-old Aya Saleem who availed the service of Jubbah said that she hopes more woman taxi drivers join the profession.

Meanwhile, Jubbah who want to expand her business said that recently, a woman showed her interest in working as a taxi driver.

It may be mentioned that the territory that is ruled by Hamas movement for 13 years is witnessing huge unemployment.