Nayini opens 150 Annapurna food scheme at Mangalhat

Nayini Narsimha Reddy, Home Minister, DR.B. Rammohan, Mayor, Baba Fasiuddin, Deputy Mayor,  Raja Singh,  MLA, Dr.B.Janardhan Reddy, Commissioner, GHMC, concerned area Corporator,  Nand Kishore Vyas, TRS leader and  public representatives has inaugurated 150th Annapurna food scheme centre at Mangalhat division today.

Nayini Narsimha Reddy, Home Minister said that as per the directions of the Chief Minister of Telangana the GHMC has reached the target of 150 by opening thisAnnapurna food scheme centre today. The Minister said that the GHMC has allocated a budget of Rs, 39 crores for the said scheme and around 40,000 people are being benefited from this scheme. He also said that the Government of Telangana is taking up lot of innovative schemes for the benefit of all the sectors without any caste and creed and around Rs. 48,000 crores have been allocated by the Government for taking up such schemes for the welfare of the citizens of the State said the Minister. (NSS)