Nayeem Case: SIT Officials Interrogate MLA Krishnaiah

The Special Investigation Team (SIT) formed to probe the case of slain gangster Nayeemuddin,  today interrogated LB Nagar TDP MLA R Krishnaiah, for one hour,  on his alleged links with Nayeem,  at Narsingi Police Station.


Krishnaiah attended the interrogation and made his arguments in presence of SIT police. They asked Krishnaiah about his alleged links with Nayeem. It is learnt that the police  also inquired about the murder of Krishna at Saroornagar.


Speaking to the media after the interrogation, Krishnaiah said that three SIT officials have  questioned him. He said that he told  the SIT officials  that he knew Nayeem,  but there were no financial transactions with the latter. “I would not indulge in such activities to earn money. I will do business or contract works if I wanted to earn money. I am a leader striving for the welfare of the BCs”, he said. “Earlier I felt that the state government was trying to link Nayeem case with me. But after the interrogation, I understand that my belief is wrong”, he opined and said that there was a need to get some more clarity on it.

He said that Nayeem wanted to see him (Krishnaiah)  as  Chief Minister of the state. He said he would  not become  Chief Minister of the state if Nayeem wants. “I can  become a Chief Minister of the state only when the people wanted it ”, he said. He made it clear that he never indulged in any ‘Danda’ with Nayeem and said that the people voluntarily cast their votes for him  ensuring victory as LB Nagar MLA. (NSS)