Nayeem aides will be punished: CM

Accusing the previous Congress government of in deep slumber for 10 years and avoided to punish notorious gangster Nayeemuddin, who was involved in 174 cases and looting the State, Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao today asserted that everyone involved in the grave criminal cases will be punished with iron hand without fail. Rejecting Congress leader Jeevan Reddy’s plea for CBI inquiry into Nayeem’s episode to unravel truth, KCR praised the State police for physically eliminating the dreaded gangster in exchange of fire while trying to catch him on August 8 this year. He also declared that four teams under SIT supervision will unravel the truth and will file 15 more charge-sheets in the court to bring the culprits to book.

 During a short discussion on Nayeem’s case in the Assembly on Monday, the Chief Minister informed the House about the cases, incidents and misdeeds of the gang and steps being taken by the government. He wondered as to why the previous Congress and Telugu Desam governments befriended Nayeem and encouraged him in his nefarious activities. When “demon” was on the killing and looting spree, Conress member Jeevan Reddy was a minister and the Congress government could do nothing, he charged. Instead of supporting the State government and the Telangana police for taking action against the gangster in two years, the Congress which failed to do so for 10 years, was indulging in mudslinging at the government, he said.

The Chief Minister also ridiculed the previous Congress regime for sparing the gangster, who expanded his underworld to other States. “During statehood movement, we warned Nayeem gang of dire consequences for threatening then TRS floor leader Eatala Rajender and other leaders and on coming to power the TRS Government took action, he clarified. He charged the previous regime for not bringing Nayeem gang to book.

The Chief Minister also said the officials were directed to go ahead to punish any leader, irrespective of party lines, including those of the TRS and officials of any stature. KCR alleged that then Congress regime appointed a police officer as DGP, who turned out to be an approver in the Nayeem case.  “I am ready to disclose all the facts about 10 years’ previous regime. If the opposition wants to get the details, the SIT and State police will bring them out at an appropriate time by moving the court. Nayeem gang members, anti-social elements, extremism will be pressed with iron”,  he said.

“We are not ready to spare anyone though the previous government was in deep slumber despite 174 cases filed against Nayeem gang, which continued to killing innocent people, loot and grab lands and threaten people for over two-and-a-half decades. Our police acted well by physically eliminating Nayeemuddin when he was moving at Millenium township near Shadnagar, in an exchange of fire and recovered an AK 47 rifle, one 9 mm pistol and some lethal weapons”, KCR said, adding that a DG Rank police official and another additional Director General will bring to light the facts involved. He further said the police examined 174 witnesses, arrested 124 accused, seized 21 fire arms, 21 cars, 26 motorcycles and cash of Rs 2.95 crore and documents relating to 1,015 acres land, house sites to the extent of 1,67,000 sq yds and 27 residential houses. He also disclosed that Rs 143 crore worth properties were seized in Nayeem case, who was involved in 27 murders and 25 more suspected murders.

“The Telangana police are the no. 1 in the country. They have already seized huge cash, gold and properties acquired by Nayeem and his associates through illegal ways. So far, two charge-sheets have been filed and another 12 charge-sheets are going to be filed shortly. So, there is no need for any CBI probe,” he said. Congress MLA T Jeevan Reddy pointed out that there were reports of huge haul of cash, gold, diamonds and properties worth thousands of crores of rupees. “Where is all this wealth? And where is the diary which is purported to have been seized from Nayeem’s residence? The government should disclose all this wealth and diaries. Otherwise, the case should be handed over to the CBI,” he demanded.  (NSS)