Naxalite killed in cross firing in Chhattisgarh

Bijapur: A naxalite was neutralised in an encounter with the security forces near Chhattisgarh’s Surakheda village on Sunday.

The dead body was found with one .303 country made pistol, a Bharmar rifle, a tiffin bomb, wires, detonators and other materials.

The exchange of fire between the naxalites and police party took place early this morning.

“After the firing stopped, search operation was conducted and one uniformed naxalite’s dead body was recovered,” Deputy Inspector General (DIG) Dantewada P. Sundarraj told ANI.

He said that the special operation was launched based on specific inputs of presence of a group of 10-15 Maoists camping near the hills and jungles of village at Bhairamgarh, around 450 kilometers away from the state capital.

The dead body has been identified by surrendered naxalites as Ratan Majji alias Hemla Ratan, resident of Surakheda, Bhairamgarh.

He was earlier working as Deputy Commander of Mirtur Los, member of Company Number 2 and Commander Matwada Jan Militia and presently was a member of a small action team.(ANI)