Nawazuddin, Amy promote ‘Freaky Ali’ on Mumbai streets

Mumbai: Actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui along with his co-star Amy Jackson promoted their forthcoming film “Freaky Ali” by playing golf on the streets of Mumbai. It was also an initiative to raise awareness about the quality of Mumbai roads.

Nawazuddin said: “As golf is a game that involves golf balls and targeting holes, we can play golf anywhere in the city as Mumbai is filled with potholes.”

Amy had fun playing golf on the streets of Mumbai.

She said: “It’s great. Our film is about golf, so we have incorporated golf into raising awareness about the streets of Mumbai and the potholes.”

When the actors were asked about their favourite sport, Amy shared about her love for golf and how she can’t wait to play with her father in England. She also loves boxing.

Nawazuddin, on the other hand, made it quite clear that he wasn’t a sports freak. But after practising for this movie, he said that he is addicted to golf now.

Asked about golf being associated with the elite, he said: “That is exactly what our movie is about. The myth that follows this game for so long is about to change. Just like cricket being a national sport is played by everyone on the streets. In the same way, golf can also be played on the streets as our country’s roads are filled with potholes.”

The promotional event was a joint venture organised by Being Indian.

The Sohail Khan directorial is slated to release on September 9.