Nawaz Sharif wants to improve ties with India: Pakistan High Commissioner

Bengaluru: Pakistan Higher Commissioner to India Abdul Basit on Thursday, Oct 29 said there is no disconnect between Pakistan government and its Army, and urged people to listen to Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif who is desirous of improving and bettering India-Pakistan ties.

“There is no disconnect between (Pakistan) Army and government. You should listen to the voice of our Prime Minister who is wanting to improve ties with India, and jointly solve problems dogging both the countries,” Basit said at an interaction organised by Karnataka Urdu Academy here.

In his speech in Urdu, he appealed to people of India not to listen to other voices emanating on the “disconnect” between Pakistan Army and its government. “It is not necessary for you to listen to other voices (on talks of disconnect between Pakistan Army and its government),” he said. However, Basit said, policies are made on the basis of the inputs gathered by the security and intelligence agencies. “This happens, both in India and Pakistan.

The policies are framed on the basis of inputs gathered by security and intelligence agencies,” he said. Basit also hoped that Pakistan gets a good response on the issue so that both countries begin a new journey.

The Pakistan High Commissioner said there is a big propaganda in India which hides the truth about the strengthening of democracy in Pakistan – the country boasts of having free and independent media and judiciary. “I think media in Pakistan is more free and independent than India. Sometimes we are also surprised about it.

Earlier, no one heard of an ex-army chief being summoned to the court. Now it is happening (referring to General Pervez Musharraf). So, there has been a lot of changes happening in Pakistan, but the problem is, which I do not want to say, that in India there is a big propaganda which conceals this truth,” he said. “We only desire that you (people of India) should free your mind from all these,” he added.

Earlier, while delivering a talk on “Writers’ Role in Improving Relations between Pakistan and India”, Basit said it was necessary to protect and continue the bond between the writers of both countries.

“It is necessary to protect and continue the bond between Pakistan and Indian writers, otherwise there will be nothing left for us to talk and hear (about improving relations),” he said. Basit said there were some people who do not want the ties to be improved, but at the same time there were others who were keen on it.