Nawaz Sharif calls for restoration of people’s mandate

Islamabad [Pakistan]: Pakistan’s former prime minister Nawaz Sharif has called for the restoration of the people’s right to govern.

He was addressing a meeting of the party’s general council which elected him as president of the ruling Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz.

“You know the reason for my disqualification,” said Nawaz, adding that PML-N is still the country’s biggest political party.

“If there was nothing in the Panama Papers, then people should have been told this. They should have informed the people of the truth, that Nawaz Sharif did not misuse any public funds,” Geo News quoted Sharif, as saying.

He said all countries in the world keep changing their policies with time, and those who ignore the changing dynamics and stick to the old practice of time passing them by.

Sharif said he was disqualified despite being elected by the people thrice not because of any corruption or malpractice but for not taking a salary from his son.

“I’m warning you, if we don’t try to change things then even Pakistan will not forgive us.” God helps those who help themselves, he added.

Expressing confidence that his party will show better results in the 2018 elections, he said that the people will give their decision regarding his ‘eligibility’ then. (ANI)