Nawaz has ‘Panama kay aansoon’: Imran

Islamabad (Pakistan): After Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif choked up while talking about “gareeb mareez” (poor patients) who earn barely enough to eat much less medicines, taking a swipe at him within a few hours, Tehreek-e-Insaf chief Imran Khan on Friday said “aath (eight) saal kay baad yeh jo aansun aa rahein hain, yeh gareebon kay liye nahii yeh Panama kay aansoon hain (the tears which are coming after eight years are not for the poor, these are Panama tears)”.

Speaking at the launching ceremony of the programme in Punjab at Rahim Yar Khan, Prime Minister Sharif said he would work hard ‘inshallah’ to see that the poor get treated, because in the end when one has to give ‘hisaab’ to god, then, this is what will count – how much you helped the poor and improved their lives. He choked up and had tears. (ANI)