Nawab Fazal Jah Bahadur, dearest son of seventh Nizam passed away

Hyderabad: Nawab Fazal Jah Bahadur, one of the six sons and two daughters of seventh Nizam Mir Osman Ali Khan and Leela Begum Sahiba, had died on Sunday morning. He was 72 years old.
According to the news reported in Deccan Chronicle, he was ill for the past few days.

Fazal Jah Bahadur is survived by his wife Sahabzadi Darwerunnisa Begum Sahiba and his son Fazeelath Ali Khan, who is a doctor.

Nawab Fazal Jah was born in 1946 and he held key positions including the Nizam Auqaf Committee.

According to the historian Dr Moha-mmed Safiullah, he spent most of his life and income in the religious activities and maintenance of Masjid-e-Judi at King Kothi.

Nawab Najaf Ali Khan, grandson of the seventh Nizam says that “Nawab Fazal Jah Bahadur was respected a lot by members of the Nizam family and his well wishers,” and also added that he was very dear to the seventh Nizam and used to visit king kothi palace to offer salaams to his father.

He was very gentle and a loving man, said Nawab Najaf Ali Khan.