Navratri: Exhibition celebrates Devi’s nine forms

By Siddhi Jain
New Delhi, Oct 20 (IANSlife) As the country marks the auspicious ‘navraatri’ festival, an online exhibition of artworks featuring the nine forms or ‘avatars’ of divinity is currently live, and will continue till mid-November this year.

Presented by Gallery Art Exposure, the festive-special show is titled ‘Shakti’ and houses splendid works of art by artist Jayashri Burman. Burman, as an artist has never ceased to inspire us with her vivid depiction of mythology in her artworks. In her own words, “The gods came into a counsel when they witnessed the world brimming with injustice and chaos. Deliberating upon how to bring an end to this unruly world order, Durga was created out of the gods’ special powers. She was moulded into a fierce being who could demolish the evil powers.

“For me, Shakti is the essence of goodness, with which we protect ourselves and our dear ones, and fight wrongdoings. Shakti establishes a symbiotic harmony with love and peace, to bring about a better earth and empowered humanity.”

According to Somak Mitra, Director, Gallery Art Exposure, the paintings of Jayasri Burman – warm, richly-hued and fantastic – reflect the soul of the artist in all its passion and strength. “Jayasri’s dream-like lyrical works inspired by Indian mythology and folk-art are a tribute to her rich childhood and myriad happy experiences. Her art reminds one of an intricate tapestry, weaving the design element of folk-art into the intricate patterns of mythical figures and forms set in utopian natural surroundings. The artist sees women as free and divine – both creatures of nature and Mother Goddesses.”

The exhibition can be viewed online at till November 17.

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